Website update, info about plug-in, and a Strata Vision3d Q.

First, I updated my EVO site, and you can download the Phased Beam Fixer, Reign of the Voinians, Reign II, M-Interface (A little interface plug-in I made), the EVO Bible in Doc format, an EV Data file for use with Schmelta-V (if you have not idea what I was talking about with that MDat and Merc Stuff), and Sillycon Valley, the font used to make EV/O buttons (good for webmasters).

Within my site I've got more info about my plug-in "EVO: 5 Years". I’ve managed to make a few “okay” graphics, but they’re not exactly worth using in a plug-in. I’ll be messing around with some stuff and see what happens. I’ve got a përs sign up for anyone who wants to be in the plug-in. There’s a Beta sign-up in there, I plan to get the help of 3 other people, so if you want to test, sign up quickly.

As for the Strata Vision question, how do you make the sprites? I’ve got no idea how :frown:.

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Sprites are easy. For the time consuming method, open the animation dialog and for each frame rotate 10 degrees clockwise until frame 35, or for the quick method, at from 8 rotate 90 cw, frame 17 90 cw, 26 90 cw, frame 35 80 cw.

Save as a PICS animation and use makespďn to create the sprites.

Why the funny frame mesurements? strata starts at frame 0. As for the rotation, you rotate 10 degrees cw for each frome (6x6). As for making the masks, makespďn can, or, as I prefer, use photoshop and convert to grayscale and use the curves to make almost everything white. 😉



Or you can just take the Magik Wand...
Gotta love that Magik Wand ... 😛

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I would like to sign up on both counts (pers and helping you). I really don't have the moment to tell you the details (being 11:07 PM) so if you want you can contact me at my email at (its not a company, just something I like to work on). Tell me what you need, I bet I can help.

You were right about your site not being operational. Good luck! 🙂