Nice updates. I like it better and better. The only thing I miss now is the old hierarchy, but what the hell, you can't have everything 😉

Anyway, I know this an old issue, but I'm still hoping someone may have solved it; How do you change the background in EV/O? Is there some possibility you can change it from within the code src? From black with white dots to, say green with dark green ones for a ground plug, or blue for an underwater plug...

Could be fun. 🙂

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Sure, there's a way. It's just not fun or easy, and it's pretty much useless.
Lets cover our options here:

1.) Expand the stars. Doesn't work beyond an 8-pixel width, or a 64-pixel height.
2.) Expand the planets. No planets larger than 400x400 seem to work for me. In any event, 640x480 is the theoretical maximum.
3.) Lots of asteroids with big blue backgrounds: Doesn't work as the screen gets bigger, gaps appear periodically.

The only option nobody has toyed around with is actually modifying the system CLUTs. If it's possible to change black into a shade of blue, it just might work, but given the MacOS' insistance on keeping the black and white thingies the same, it probably wouldn't work, and even if it did EV might just take the next darkest color that's available.

Besides, EV's physics model goes all wonky when you try and apply it to boats and planes; they shouldn't have to turn around to brake.

In short, no, it's still not possible.


Well, that was a fairly useless reply, but thanks for trying Reg 😉

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You could try changing the star PICT's, but I dont think that would do much good.

As for changing the CLUT, yes that'd work as MacOS doesnt have any say on it


AFAIK there's no star PICT resource. And I've been looking, believe me. You don't have the ID do you?

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they're there somewhere, as I recall, you should look for a pict resource that looks blank.

I once tried modifying the stars to look like sand dunes for a tatooine plug-in, they all turned into white lines, needless to say, I never finished the plug-in.

- The Igadzra

Landing request denied.

The ID for the star sprite is 700 and it's mask is 701, located in the graphics file. For an example of their use, check out Oreste 4.0. It has four auxilliary plugins for modifying the star sprites.


It's been tried. Some people announce they're going to do it before they try. Then when they do try, they quietly run off into a corner and hope no one noticed their post. Others try, notice it can't be done, and don't announce that they're going to make such a plug.

Sigh I know that, obviously, hence the post.
I was hoping for something good for the gleamings section on my little guide. 😉

Why did you change nick btw? If I hadn't read Reg's post I wouldn't have recognized you. You could atleast be Scientia Claus, if not LoL...

Solo, friend of consistency.

Hmm.. Did I btw imply that I was going to make such a plug?

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Well, the Legendary Solo.

We can tell how well LRE went over, eh? 😉

Glad to hear the CGEV is still kicking, keep me posted on updates.

(Still working on AW)

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I never said that you were going to make such a plug, I just wanted to say that for the edification of the board in general.

Because it's there,

Yes I know, I was just covering 😉