Need major help from veteran EVO programers

I've been trying to make something like the "stop Zidigar photographer" mission for a long time. This time its with a helian. When I attack, he runs away for a while, then comes back. I want him to jump out before you can kill him. Any ideas? He is on AI type 1, and I'm thinking about making him really fast and giving him the escape pod AI.

Escape Pod AI? What's that? All I know about are fighter and escort, in addition to the standard four.


I checked the Override "stop Zidagar photographer" mission, and it's pretty simply set up. It's hard to tell what makes the Zidagar photographer behave unusually. I can only see two possibilites:
make sure that the player has a negative legal record with the government of the "photographer"
make sure that there is at least one auxiliary ship in the system of an an enemy govt from the photographer.
You might need this to insure that the photographer always feels itself to be in danger.

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I tried that, but he tends to come back and get wasted. I don't want that.

Escape Pod AI is AI 0. It will excelerate to top speed and keep going.

Examples: Plauge Speedster in FH, Strange Asteroid in Iggy missions.

Plague Speedster? I never really played through FH (didn't like what I did), so what is it?

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I think the plauge speedster mission goes something like this...

You are on the edge of a breakthrough discovery when one of your friends gets kidnapped by pirates. Unfortunatly, the pirates have a plauge onboard their ship. When you hyper into the plauge speedster system, the speedster is near the stellar, but quickly starts leaving the system. It just accellerates and doesn't manuever or anything. It's pretty fast, you you usually have to use a tractor beam while disabling it so that you don't run to the edge of the system.

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Oh-ho-ho! That's an interesting trick! I'll have to add that to my annotations to the Bibles.

Because it's there,