More info about the EVO-CE

And as you are reading this, you are probably wondering what that is. Well yesterday I posted about the new standalone game called "EVO: Onward to Sol". Well, I am still making that, but everythings gotton a little more complicated. First of all, the EVO-CE is the "Escape Velocity Override- Choices Engine". The EVO-CE will be what powers "Onward to Sol" as well as any other games produced by me that use the EVO-CE. The EVO-CE is basicly just the name for the structure of the program that the mission programs, like "Onward to Sol", use. Contrary to what I said on my last post, "Onward to Sol" will not be release this weekend, nor next weekend, nor the weekend after that. Why? Because I've decided to develop the EVO-CE into a full-fledged game engine that will be very fun and also very expandable.

Anyway, that's a little update. The website will be up today, and I will post again when it is. The website will have more indepth information about the EVO-CE and "Onward to Sol".

Oh, another little note. "Onward to Sol" (if you want information about it's plot, go to my post about it a little ways down the board) is an introductory game that uses the EVO-CE. This means that all games produced after it using the EVO-CE will not only place you in a better ship then a Krait, but each game that follows the next will work in tandom with the others. Meaning the game never stops, once another game using the EVO-CE is release, it leads into the other.

That may seem confusing, but as I said, the website will be up today with more detailed info. The website will also have a screen shot of how the interface for "Onward to Sol" looks right now, and it will have an explaination of features I will add slowly to the EVO-CE as time goes on, including the capability for developers to make their own plugs for the engine. Anyway, that's another story.

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Wow... sounds complicated.

Zacha K
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Yeah, it sorta is. But like I said, once the website is up, it might explain it a little better.


Ack! Looks like that website won't be up today (maybe). It might be up tommorow tho, I'll post about it when it is.