EVO Nova Port Bug Fixes?

I've been running EVO through the awesome EV Trilogy App (which seems to be the same as the Nova port). But it's got some issues - specifically, not receiving the Plasma Siphon. I found a few threads about this with links to fixes, but they were all dead.

Anyone got a working link for a fix?

EV Trilogy App? What's that? I just use Guy's EVO TC for EVN. No bugs there, or none that I've ever seen in my half-dozen play-throughs.

This: http://portingteam.c...locity-trilogy/

It runs all three in a nice package (using the Nova Engine I believe).

Further update: Ran Guy's port on a clean Nova install and fixed the Siphon issue.

Now, I'm hoping to find a plugin converted (I'd like to use the Triple Agent plugin for multiple strand missions, that's it), but SpacePort seems to be PowerPC only. Are there are any current converters that work?

Yeah, that application is a bit pointless. EVN already has a similar feature built-in. As for modern converters, you could try using Mission Computer to convert the plug-in, but some bugs might show up in the conversion with larger, more complex plug-ins. Something simple like Triple Agent (I believe it simply removes the bit preventing you from doing the other Strand missions and nothing else) shouldn't have any problems, though.