Removing Upgrades

Ships not as customisable as I thought

Forgive me if I am missing something really obvious here... but I made some changes to my ship - which I intended to be temporary - and now I can't undo them. Specifically, mass and cargo expansions. I bought some, intending to use them for a while before returning my beloved Crescent Warship (with UE cloaking device, Miranu NPD, Adzgari upgrades and loads of other stuff) to its previous configuration.

Is it possible to reverse these changes, or am I stuck with them? I'm pretty sure they were reversible when I played EV Classic a few months ago.

When EVO came out with version 1.0 they were sellable, but due to a bug in the engine this could allow some nasty cheats, so in a later version it was taken out. You cannot sell them anymore.

It is possible, however, to change them back to being sellable with a plug-in. I can whip one up if you so wish.

Ooh, really? That would be both enormously useful and extremely kind of you.

I should probably confess at this juncture that in addition to being extremely late to the party with this game, I am also a Windows user, and I'm playing the EV Override for Nova 1.1.1 total conversion plug-in. Is that an issue where plug-ins are concerned?

EVWeb - what was the nature of the "bug"? I ask purely out of curiosity.

It's not an issue for me, but it does tell me you need a WinNova plug-in an not an EVO plug-in like I originally thought. Here is your fix. If for some reason it doesn't work, post a pilotlog.

As for the bug, it allowed players to give their ships enormous amounts of free space for near-unlimited upgrades. If you ask me, making your ship invincible is fairly boring.

Your plug works perfectly. Exactly what I was after! I have been able to restore my beloved Warspite to its preferred state, and I am extremely grateful. Thank you very much!

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