Overpowered Equipment

I was recently playing EVO again, and once again I decided to play as the Voinians, only this time I decided to play in a Voinian Heavy Fighter. Now after getting it, I sold the cannons and rockets and got dospect armor. Then I went to crescent space got some speed upgrades, and shield enhancers. After completing the Azdgari campaign I got the super shield generator, and became neigh invicible. It was awesome. I could take on a UE Carrier, head-on, no problems. Anyone else come up with some insane ship/equipment combos?

The shield regeneration mechanic in the entire EV series (and indeed, in nearly every space combat game in existence) is broken to favor regeneration over capacity. A small ship that can quickly regenerate shields has a huge advantage over any other ship- the Azdara and the Enhanced Arada are generally considered the most powerful EVO ships for that reason.