Is there a set of documents that outline in more detail the story of EVO, similar to the preambles of Nova? and if so where can I procure a copy?

Will probably need to be in .rtf or .pdf as i am running windows. I dont know what else would be readable by windows programs/

Thanks a bunch

There's not much (if anything) regarding the history of EVO outside of EVO itself, PAC's brain, and this thread.

Actually there was an Override documentation that came with the game which was more or less like a preamble but this document outlined the general galaxy altogether and even the EVC had one as well. I think Guy had converted the old format into a PDF format.

Guy did convert that into a PDF format, but it says nothing of the history of EVO, just a background of how things are at the beginning.

The game's documentation (my rough PDF conversion from the original DocMaker file is still online) gives a bit more detail to the various civilisations, although it isn't anything on the same scale as the detailed back-story in the EV Nova preambles.