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Possible to use cheats?

I recently downloaded the EVO plugin for Nova, I'm very pleased with it, however I was curious if it's possible to use plugin cheats from Nova (the readme said I couldn't so I assume if there's another way it won't be a Nova plugin) I pretty much just want the Million Credit mission, Not that I'm a huge cheater I'm just lazy. Is it possible to use cheats for the EVO Plugin?

In this case, it depends on whether or not the Million Credits Mission plug-in uses a mission resource that the EVO port already uses. If it doesn't, then you're good. If it does, then you're screwed.

As it happens, someone needed a cheat plug-in to get money just a few days ago, and I happened to make one. This one will most likely work with the EVC and EVO ports as well as any TC.

Universal Money Cheat

Have fun, you dirty cheater! 😛

Haha, well thanks for that. As much as I LOVE running back and forth with cargo, I like shooting even more 😛

-The Cheater.

Oh and how is the money obtained on this plugin?

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Oh right! I forgot I didn't include a ReadMe since I explained it in the thread where I first made it... just go to the bar on any inhabited world.

Bah, doesn't work 😞

Okay, I tried it out. Go to any bar on any inhabited planet. Wait a bit, Then the dialog pops up, 10 million credits are yours.

Alright, Thanks.
Note that I'm using the EVO plugin.

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Doesn't matter, you're still using the Nova Engine. As long as nothing uses the same mission or dësc resources as my plug-in (and I suspect very few might) my plug-in will work with them. Just make sure you don't get suspicious of the guy, if you catch my drift. 😉

Yep, there is no catch.... 😛

But it is still nova engine, so it should still be all-right


If you're still having a problem:
Did you put the EVO conversion in your plug-ins folder, or did you make a new "Nova Files" folder and put them in there? If the former is true, it's possible the cheat plug-in is interfering with the EVO plug. If you installed them as their own "Nova Files" folder, that isn't a problem.

There's a good chance this isn't your problem (if you still have one), but I thought I'd throw that out.

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