Problem with Zidagar mission

I am doing the missions for the Zidagar, and they've got me running to Fluor to pick up what appear to be biological weapons and delivering them to Terapin. They are only giving me 20 days to do it, and this means I don't seem to be able to make it in time in my beloved, customized Voinian Borb-class cruiser. :mad:

I tried ditching my awesome escorts to speed up departures ( 😮 ) and then capturing an Igazra and flying that, but it also didn't seem to be able to make the trip in time ( 😮 ). Then I tried downgrading to a Voinian frigate, which I hoped would still have the armor to take on the rest of the Zidagar missions, but it is also too slow <_<

Can someone advise me?

1. Is there any way to complete this mission with my Voinian cruiser, or am I stuck going to a notably smaller and less powerful ship?

2. If I could somehow find and capture a UE Cruiser, would THAT be able to make the trip in time? I have completed the Voinian missions and the UE hates me, but UE Cruisers did appear in a few of the missions and I wonder if I encounter them randomly and could thus capture one.

3. If all else fails, what's the most valuable/powerful ship I could capture or trade in for to be able to complete this mission?

I hate that completing a mission this far into the Zidagar string seems to be based on something beyond my control. :mellow:

Thanks in advance

Okay so ships take 1-3 days to hyperjump, based on the weight of the ship. It has been so long that I don't exactly remember what the cutoffs are, except for something to do with 100 tons!

However, I do remember the times for various ships. The best 1-day jump ship you could get is a Lazira. For 2-day you could go for a Crescent Warship, or a Zidara (I think that takes 2 rather than just 1, damn memory), or an Igazra. Anything cruiser-like, and the Voinian Frigate, and I think even the UE destroyer (one reason I never liked it), will take 3 days.

I would have thought you'd be able to make it in a 2-day ship, maybe through the use of fuelscoop rather than landing on the way, but again, it has been a long time, might have to change that fact soon. It does seem a bit nasty that they would require you to drop to a 1-day ship. The timed mission for the Igadzra can be done in a 2-day for instance.

I don't know how escorts affect things as I never use them.


Thanks for your reply. Apparently, escorts slow down your hyperspace jumping to the speed of the slowest escort or possibly in other ways, so I think I overlooked something when I tried it with a captured Igazra. I captured a new one and was able to pull off the mission, although it's annoying to work for the Zidagar when they constantly shoot at me because I'm flying an Igazra. Once this string is over, I think I'll get back in a Borb-class cruiser...and then turn it against the Voinians!

It's so cool that even though I indirectly helped the Voinians destroy Kelmaon, when I got a cargo delivery to hostile Emalghia, the representative still wanted to hear me out and thus I was able start their string of missions. Forgiving people, the Emalgha. So once I get a Fake ID for the UE, I'm going to get a ship all ready with Voinian tech and then surprise-betray them by becoming Overlord of that dorky little system of theirs that is only guarded by shuttles and such. I probably can't complete the UE missions with the dumb UE shooting at me the whole time just because I am in a Voinian cruiser, but maybe it's worth a shot.

I hadn't played this game in like eight years and forgot how good it is.

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