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Hey people, im wokring on the igzdra missions and i cant seem to get it move along. im suppose to destroy a azdgari warship and report to a space staion but i cant seem to be able to destroy enough warships to make it move. Anyone got any idea whats wrong?

You have to destroy a specific warship. Its name was told to you at the beginning of the mission and might also be in your mission list (I key by default). If you need more help than that, post a pilotlog.

would you happen to know the name of the ship?

Posting a pilotlog helps.

And if it's anything like the Bounty Hunting Missions, chances are that it's randomly named.

If it's the mission I'm thinking of, the mission description should tell you the name of the ship you need to destroy: A.S.S. something it should be. This one stumped me several times before I found the ship in question. I forget the name of the system, haven't looked at the EVO map in a long while, but it's four jumps from Igadzra, in a southeasterly direction :).

i know im showing my ignorance here but what is a pilotlog and where is it so i can post it?

i dont know if yall are thinking of the right mission or not. this is the mission that the igzdra are having you test the Plasma Siphon to see if they want to use it. Maybe this will help

The ship should just be called 'raider' and should be 3 or 4 and should be in south/south east area of igazdra space. As for the pilotlog you can only post one if you are using the evo port to nova not the origanal.

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hey guys thanks for the help i found the ship i was looking for. I got another question. now im looking for a cargo ship that i need to pick up its cargo. they just tell me its last seen at palok station and i wondering if anyone knows where i need to go.

Look near Outpost Plogok, since that was where the ship was last seen.



the Kelmaon system.

isnt the Kelmaon system owned by the Emalgha?

@sirmac, on Jul 5 2007, 10:53 PM, said in Mission String Help:

isnt the Kelmaon system owned by the Emalgha?

One of the Kelmaon systems is, indeed :). Crazy universe.

that is strange indeed two systems with the same name. I bet they are pronounced differently being an entire galazy and societ apart.

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