What to do after the Voinans are defeated?

I've defeated the Voinans - what next?

I've completed the storyline bringing about the defeat of the Voinans - what next?
I've been flying around the systems on various minor delivery missions etc. in the hope that one of the other storylines will hook me, for instance for one of the sides in the Strand War. However nothing seems to be happening. Does the Voinan storyline preclude any of the others?

Thanks in advance

You can then go start the next two objectives of EV:O which is to work with the Miranu and explore the Proxima and Ji Nebulas, and to join one of the strands and fight the strand war. To start the Zidigar, go to Pozdag-III. To start the Idgazra, go to Kirtut. To start the Agdazri, go to South Tip Station.

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Many thanks. What about the Miranu missions? I tried hanging around the Miranu homeworlds, but again, as yet - nothing.

I think that it is at Station Pybin, but I could be wrong. Also go check Himgaro and Kirrum Prime.

Kirrim Prime, I believe, was for Ski Resorts. Outpost Zachit is for Zachit missions. Station Pybin is for deep sensor penetration.

Many thanks, I'll try them all!

And when you've done all the mission strings, you can download addons to play expansions or TCs.

is someone gonna port ROTUE to Nova Override? I would, but I have no idea how....

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There's something called "Spaceport" that allows you to do this on Nova's Addons page, but that's all I know. I have NO idea how it works, and I've been told that porting in this way may or may not result in buggy ports.

A few bugs may happen, and you have to redo some of the fields yourself. SpacePort is really meant for plug developers to port stuff, not for just anyone to easily port whatever they want.

Remember that many storylines need the "Ultimate" combat ranking later. This is the equivalent to "Frightening" in Nova, so the highest one you can get.

I would strongly reccomend you play the Reign of the UE Plug-In by UE Patriot. I completed it this morning, in fact, and it's a phenominal plug. It continues after the UE missions end and carries the story directly on. I think to get it to work you have to complete the rebuilding of Paaren station, the Anna Baloshova missions, the destruction of the Dreadnought and the freeing of the Hinwar.

For reign of the ue to work fully you also have to do the free huron missions as well.

Don't forget there's ROTV, FOTVE, and other OTVE's too 😄

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