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Well, I have some Questions regarding EVO..
At first I need to tell you that I got EVN on Windows using EVO 'plugin'.
Sadly I'm not able to purchase a good Mac and need to use crappy Windows. 😕

1. ) Is it possible to use EVO plugins on my EVN-converted-EVO?
1.1 ) If yes, do you know any sites providing plugins for Windows?
{ google is not my friend 😠 }

2. ) Is there any possibility to activate the forklift somehow?

3. ) There's a Mission I need to do for the Igadzra,
"Recover Shipment of equipment"
"Find, and recover the cargo of, a missing Miranu Freighter and return with it to Igadzra"
I'm nearly freakin out, 'cause I've NO IDEA where to find that !%#$§! Freighter..

4. ) I did The Voinian + Igadzra String and can't decide wether to choose an Igazra or a Voinian Cruiser..
I'm mainly fighting on the Strands/Renegades.
The Cruiser is able to carry six Turrets (even if I'm only able to buy five Phase Turrets)
but five Phase Turrets + one Neutron Turret sucks, don't like that solution.
Six Neutron Turrets suck even against all those small Fighters.
And somehow those fighters are able to destroy the armor of my Cruiser pretty fast.
Any suggestions? 🙂

1. No. You need Nova plugs because the Override conversion runs on the Nova engine.

2. Yes, but I don't know exactly how.

3. It should be in the system Kelmaon.

4. Buy the Voinian one. If you fight in the crescent it's better if you have a big armour 'cause the Phase weapons do a high damage to shields, but only a little one to armour. For the problem with the fighters: you could carry some SAD or SAE modules which you shoot if the fighter is above your ship or you could buy three Neutron Turrets and three Phase Turrets.

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That, and the plasma siphon.
Dospect armor. I know it's only 50 points more, but it still helps.

Forgot. Voinian Cruiser = turns like drunken pig. Defense pods. They swarm you so they will run right over you and your pods and explode.

Uhm, I got too much money anyway just bought an Igazra and Dospect + Bronv Armor + all that other updates, works pretty good. Won against 3 Igazra at the same time with like 50% armor left.
Somehow I can't buy the plasma siphon didn't even work as I got the mission to try it out destroyed the warship + fighters manually.

edit: One of my Igazra escorts disappeared as I landed on a planet and left it o0

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I'm using traktor beam against the fighters now thats funny

1. There's an EV/O to EVN convertor but it's only for mac so you'll have to get someone else to do it for you. Ignoring that though you don't need specific 'windows' plugs - Nova comes with a mac to PC convertor.

2. No, but there is in the update (which will be out soon, I promise!). The update also fixes the plasma siphon.

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ferret, on Oct 18 2005, 12:34 PM, said:

edit: One of my Igazra escorts disappeared as I landed on a planet and left it o0View Post

Welcome to the boards.

If you have two escorts when you land, and you take off and they are gone, DO NOT LAND AGAIN. Just quit the game, and re-open your pilot. Your escorts will be there. This happens to me frequently.

Armor + Shields + Turrets are the way to go.

Have you purchased shield enhancers from the Miranu?

Edit: Neutrons are too slow against the smaller ships. Use Phase.

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Yup, Apple Cřre, going to use it. 😛

Thanks for the hint with the escorts, wondergirl.
Sure I'm fully equipped, it's a huge list of parts.