Mission question for Femme Fatale

Is the Chimera just smarter than I?

I hope it is not rude to ask about plug-in help here. I would dearly appreciate some pointers or hints at least.
I loved Escape Velocity when it first came out, and was recently recommended EV Nova. Fabulous game! Then I found Override. So much fun! And I am obviously naive, because I had no idea that people were making plugs for these games...and new scenarios!! yea
Well anyway, I love may Mac and my Mac games. If someone would please help me, I would be forever grateful.

~thanks so much

Hey guys, could you cut a girl some slack?! 🙂 If I need to go elsewhere with this question I can. Just let me know.
I have been trying to figure out a way to not kill the Chimera and still get close enough to get the pod, but to no avail. If I kill it, then it is not available to board and the pod has vanished. Very frustrating.
Please let me know if any of you can help...or not.

Have you done a search of this board for "Chimera" yet? Lotsa good information in the results. Here's what I found:


Great plug, eh? Hope the links help!

~Tim 😉

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Welcome to the boards!

The search feature is quite comprehensive, but CaptAce did that for you already :).

This is a toughie mission, it took me quite a few tries to get the timing down before I was successful.

Hyper into the system, target the Chimera before you can see it on your screen. Then you will need to get in close enough to disable it asap, while avoiding/destroying the "fake" Chimeras. Dust sprayers work, and flares I think. You will need plenty of shields and armor. Make sure you have enough fuel to get back.

Good luck!

It is indeed a tricky one - I believe it was even the one at which I gave up on FF the first time around. A shame as it is rather a good plug 🙂 ... although I still think I preferred The Frozen Heart.

Anyway, I guess everything has been covered - yeah, basically you will probably want an afterburner to escape the "fakes" but as wondergirl said, either don't use all your fuel or have a scoop installed (from memory the latter is not so easy in FF?). Also, for how early it comes in the game, I think it's quite a hard mission - you really want a better ship than you can afford at that point....

Ok, you all rock!!

I did not look up Chimera. I was not smart enough for that. I did a search for Femme Fatale, and read through those, which were not helpful.
The links you sent, and all the advice is very helpful. I will go try again. I have not played since I posted. It made me mad. grin
Thanks again to MartiNZ, wondergirl, and CaptainAceHarddrive.

elensari, on May 26 2005, 05:37 AM, said:

Please let me know if any of you can help...or not.
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Also, if your query isn't answered, it's not because you are being ignored, it's because:
1. no one has read your post yet
2. it takes time to look up answers
3. maybe the 'reader' just doesn't know
4. not too many people frequent the EV and EVO forums any more

Another thing I remembered I did after a few tries: instead of trying to accomplish the mission immediately, I observed separate things on different attempts. Like: first figure out how fast the Chimera 'fires' at you. Then figure out how much weaps you need to 'kill' the real one. Then figure out how close you can get to the actual 'forcefield' on the real Chimera. Etc. Just an FYI.