UE Cruiser Error

Error when selling mods

I'm using an converter that lets me run EVO on EV-Nova application (for PC). After buying the UE Cruiser I can't sell any mods without losing the fighter bay. This is what happens:
- I have the cruiser and can cycle through secondary weapoms to fighters
- I sell any mod, usuually balaze turret
- Leave planet and cycle through secondary weapons - no fighters!
I've tried this like 10 times no matter where or what i sell i lose the bay. Any ideas?

I think you just ran afoul of the bug in the Nova port of EVO that makes certain outfits vanish when you visit the outfitters. Get the "disappearing outfits" fix plug from my site (link in my sig); while you're there, pick up the missions fix as well.

Onward and Upward! 🙂