Renegade missions

I've heard that one may work for the renegades in this game. If this is indeed true, where do their missions start? I'm intrigued.


I haven't played these, but I believe there's a string for the human renegades beginning at Iothe, and a string for the Crescent renegades beginning at North Tip Station. Pretty sure you have to be on bad terms with the respective official gov'ts (Iothian and Miranu?) before the renegades will want to work with you. Hope that helps.

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You can work for the Human Renegades - this string starts at the bar on Iothe Prime, when you are an Offender or worse in that system. I think you need to be Above Average in combat rating at least.

Not too sure on the limitations for the North Tip Renegade mission string, but I imagine the Miranu diplomatic relations missions are required. The string starts at the bar on Hizdriar, again, when you are an Offender or worse :).

You can work for the north tip. you have to go up to the north tip, and every time you see a renegade foghting a ztchit ship, aid the renegades,
when you have destroyed the zathit ship, the renegade you help will turn on you and attack you, dont kill the renegade, just hyperspace out of there. Repeat this until you get to hrekka, and make sure you are able to land without paying a bribe, or else they wont give you a mission.
If you are susccessful in their missions, The Zatchit system will be destroyed and no longer inhabbited. But youll need a couple of good straps
because their final mission they gve you is tough

good luck

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