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It has been a very long time since I have posted on the boreds so hello again!

My website about EVO (starbase64.brooklineuk.com) is in need of expansion, I have many ideas, one of them is to have a database of every system and what it offers etc... Sound good?

If so, can someone please leave a list of System names!

Thanks, 🙂

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I'm pretty sure an Easy-Doc somewhere already offers that.

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Originally posted by Ensign Paris:
**...I have many ideas, one of them is to have a database of every system and what it offers etc... Sound good?...

Very interesting idea. it would be of great value to newbies and people who, like yourself, have taken a break from the game. It would be a hard task, especially considering that you want to put out descriptions of these systems. A full list can be found, where else, in res-edit. Otherwise, search all the EVO websites and guides. You can find many good guides in the add-ons section. Good luck with the database.

Welcome back, Ensign Paris. Hope to see you posting more often. 🙂

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Maybe a galactic graphic of some type (sorta like Carno's map for the "Golden Horizon" webstory) would be a better idea. Not only would people swing by Starbase 64 to look up an Override system, but a galactic map would also tell the viewer where such systems are located.

Just my two cents.

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Currently there is a Galactic Map for EV and EVO on Starbase under the PassCorp option.

Thanks for your input!

Ensign Paris

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The EV:O galactic map there still needs to be fixed so that the Zidagar and Azdgari systems have the correct colours according to the key - no biggy :).

Try a galactic map with links on each system name. The link can lead to information.

Just remember - it's my idea. <smiles> I've had it in mind for a while, but feel free to use it.


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