Miranu Gunship

After what Zachit mission do I get clearance to buy the Miranu Gunship?
I'm on the defend New Mira mission that I got at Oustpost Zachit.
Is it a good ship? 😛

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I've only used it once - to complete the Kirrim (sp?) series of missions. It's a pretty fast ship once you get all the upgrades done to it. I'm not sure how it would do in a major combat situation - that's why I sold it and got my Crescent Warship back 🙂

Does anyone know if there will be an option in EVN to have more than one ship at a time? It'd be nice to be able to fly a warship around when you're going out shooting stuff, but be able to jump in, say, a fast scout-type ship when you really need the speed.

No, you can not have other ships. BUT, you can have a fine degree of control over your escorts. Take it to the EVN Board.

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I think it's not long after that mission - I think you have to return to Outpost Zachit after doing what you're doing, and then all the plans will be revealed :).

I quite like the ship - good looks like all the Miranu ships, reasonable 3 Turret slots, nice speed and manoeuvrability, especially when upgraded. Also nice to have a 1-day jump ship at that time of the game. Unfortunately it doesn't have nearly as much fuel as the other Miranu vessels, but it makes up for it in combat ability - try it out, it's pretty cheap too.

The unfortunate thing is that you never get to see them otherwise in the game after the mission for them or for the North Tip Renegades - I hope that they don't leave so much stuff like that unfinished in Nova. I know it was intended for plug-ins, but I'd rather have it more permanent.