About Forbidden planets

I was trying to bribe the planets of Outpost Vargien and Innor to let me land. Well, they said no. So I decided to float around some other systems and conquer some more planets.
Well, as I flew through the Kavkaz, Vastan, Sirabor, and Ersadt systems, the Innor planet in the Innirian system wasn't Forbidden anymore, so I went there. Nothing special. Just lots of weopons (which I have all of).
So, what I'm trying to say is, how do I get the Outpost Vargien in the Esadt system to open up?? Just kill more renegades in that area?? Take over a planet of their enemies?? I thought about taking their planet, but they are a cool species, I want to have a chance to get their secret stuff.
And where is a good planet to go to for GREAT or not missions for the Idzagar??

And where's Commander d'erlon's Outpost? You don't have to tell me where exactly it is. Just tell me what race and direction it is. Maybe even the system it is neighboring. THANX ALL!!

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Commmander D'Erlon's outpost is southwest of Earth. You should kill more of their enemies to gain access to that planet.

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One way to stop it being forbidden is to get a Bounty Hunting mission from an Independent system. With one of those, a few renegade ships follow you wherever you go until you complete the mission. That way you can kill renegades in those systems, and killing renegades in almost any system will make them like you - including Voinians although they're harder to convince.

Otherwise, you can do a whole series of missions for the Igadzra - you need to have done Diplomatic Relations with the Miranu and I think joined their trading conglomerate, and you need to have a Noteworthy combat rating. The mission string starts in a bar on a core Miranu world :).


Originally posted by The Space Between:
And where is a good planet to go to for GREAT or not missions for the Idzagar??

If you want the Igadzra missions, they begin at Kitrak.

you get a job to deliver river eels to Igadzra and they call it an important secret mission or something like that I think

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Yeah,the Iggy missions start at Kitrak.
I never liked them,because the Iggys are just too well insane for my liking.
Now,sheep have known dangerous qualities.
If you pay postage,you can have some from New Zealand.
Although **** Clark would bitch about it we've still got too many of them,12 million or so.

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