hey can anyone recomend where to find an emulator so I can play EVO on a PC


Okay, the simplest is Executor - which you can get from (url="http://"http://www.ardi.com")www.ardi.com(/url). After a little bit of adjustment it will give you 30 days of EVO play at reasonable quality. More specifically: no sound, crashes upon trying to claim a captured ship and occasional crashes when receiving missions from bars.

Otherwise, look back a few weeks and there should be more threads like this, including the steps to set up a different emulator, can't remember which off the top of my head :).

One Word Basilic II. I have 2 macs, one an old performa 475, and one a g4. I aklso have a ton of amd boxes (5 to be exact, geting 3 more soon.) I play EV and EV:O on 4 of those. On my 850, EV:O 1.0.2 runs as fast as it does on the g4. I have noticed only one "bug" and that is that the hyperspace deselect default key (~/`) is not recognised by the emulator. Change this key, and the game runs identically. It has sound, it hasnt crashed, i can run plugins. Furthermore, I own a 1.4 Ghz T-bird, and it runs the emulator amazingly. I have dual boot for linux/win2k on both of them, they both run great. I have no complaints with these. Only prob is you have to get a rom. You can d/l them but this isnt really legal, and they are not easy to find. I have a old performa rom which works great. Good luck with it all man. Hope you can get it all to work. WarBeast has a great tutorial for it, just find one of his posts, the link is in his sig.


This is a forum for discussing EVO, not PC software.

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