Igadzra String

ok, so I just completed the mission where I locate a derelict Miranu freighter and transfer the equipment back to the folks at Igadzra. Now it told me to go somewhere, and I forgot where that place was. "Outpost?" or "station?" something. Anyways, any help would be just awesome. Thanks!

~ moshi


Have you looked at your mission breifing in the mission window? It should tell you.

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Yeah i'm at the same place aswell, but when you look in your mission breifing, it doesn't tell you where to return the medical supplies

I think you might be thinking of Station Raelion. It's near the Northeast corner of Igadzra space I believe, near the Azdgari border.


If it is that: in the Mordus system more specifically :).


I remember the mission, but I haven't played in ages.

Actually it's a lone station in the northwest (maybe Miranu???)

I'm not entirely sure, but I am sure I've never been in Igazra
northeast for missions other than for that weird asteroid that
looks like a UE shuttle.