Help on obtaining ships!

Ok guys and gals. Here's the deal. What I'm trying to do is get a good courier/warship (like a Lazira or a Zidagar, for example. Preferably something from the Crescent). So I have two questions to help me get the ships:

()What's the easiest, fastest, and least criminal way tp get a Lazaira? (Like, hijacking a rebel's, or earning another 1.5M credits and buying it?)
)How do you access the Zidagar missions to buy a Zidara?

Thanks for the help guys!


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Capturing one depends on what kind of ship you have right now. If you have a ship that can disable one and has a large amount of crew then try and go for it. If you have something like an Arada you can of course disable one, but given it's crew you'd have a hard time caputing a Lazira.

Other methods depend on your ship as well: Trading, running regular missions, etc.

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Laziras don't cost that much... You could just do a few crassworm runs with hired cargo transporter escorts. You'd soon make three million.

Capturing a Renegade Lazira is a bit of a tall order, since any system that can spawn a hostile Lazira will probably also spawn several crescent fighters and a couple of aradas. Unless you're already in a valuable ship, you could find yourself shot up quite badly. It's possible - just be prepared to warp out if too many hostiles jump in, and choose a stellar with asteroids if you can, because they will help to thin out the incomin SAD modules.

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Try disabling an Igadzra an a shuttle craft (that is always good fun!) and board it. You get about 500 000 credits a ship.


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Okay, go to south tip and help the Azdgari, then by an azdara. Forget the courier idea, the true heart of playing EV is in flying really fast fighters.


Go to the north tip and somewhere at the very top of the map there is a station owned by the zidagar. If you land here and your good enough you can help the ziagar.

For either of these you need to complete the miranu-earth trading missions.

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The Zidagar missions begin on Pozdag 3 in the Pozdag system.

As for getting ships... I tell you, buying them is not the best way to get 'em. Capturing is a lot easier. Just keep disabling ships (renegade, if you really wanna keep it "legal") and trying to capture them. Eventually you'll work your way up to a Crescent Warship.... and with one of those, and the right escorts, you can beat the game with ease.


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the Azdara is by far the best ship

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