Help w/ defeating Voinions

OK. So we got Ghammoll Station... I brought the dude to Gualon, and then to where he told me, and they said to find some troops. OK, I thought, and went back to Ghammoll. No luck. Then to Emalghia. Then to Alpha, Gamma, Omicron, Earth, Luna... No luck!

Please, help! I'm gonna keep lookin', but a hint would be appreciated!

It's Voinian. If LoneVoinian comes here he'll be pi$$ed off.

Look around more of the UE frontier worlds.

You're lokkin' for a man by the name of Admiral D'Erlon.

BTW you can click on search, and enter the name of a topic. This will find all the ancient topics that cover these things.

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Originally posted by Gunsh The Hermit Crab:
**BTW you can click on search, and enter the name of a topic. This will find all the ancient topics that cover these things.


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OK... Got that part. D'erlon went to Obron, I went to Gualon... He said to meet him back at Yandros, but all I get is "Would you be interested in a mission to Outpost..."

BTW, I kinda like Voinions better... Reminds me of those Funions thingies. Ever eat those? WTH are thost things, anyway?

Supposedly onions.


You may just have to get rid of the offered mission to outpost whatever.. they can be very annoying. If you have the cargo space, accept that mission then go to the bar again - that should work. Then you can abort that mission after you get the real one :). Either that, or try going back to earth now that you're done with gualon.. I seem to remember that's where you and D'erlon meet with Admiral McPherson :).


Go to Yandros, and land on Outpost Gamma. There, you will run into Commander/Admiral D'Elron, and you'll be able to ask him for ships. Then, just go on from there.

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Got it. Thanks for the help.
I have "freed" several systems in the Funion empire. No other missions have opened up, so I've taken to pirating and being a nusance to the "hated Funionions!"


Haven't you been told, "You have completed one of Escape Velocity Override's central objectives"...? Basically, the UE/Voinian war ends with the freeing of the Hinwar. (Well done.)

If you want to continue the fight, there's a new plug called 'Reign of the UE' that might be of interest to you. Further, there are two other central objectives to the game, so don't give up yet. Welcome to be web-board, and see you around the galaxy.

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