Igadzra Siphon mission

Hey all, for those of you that don't remember me, i was the one that boasted about my gunship skills, my having completed every major goal and every mission strand in the game, etc. :D, and wanted to make an EV plug where earth is destroyed! Anyhoo, IM BACK!!!! And i'm quite pissed off......
Only once in my EVO career as an ace battlepilot, have i completed this Igadzra siphon mission. You are to hunt down a titled Azdgari Warship. I have searched the entire strand controlled section of the universe, along with the UE and Miranu territory and quite frankly, I am getting angry. I already have a stolen Voinian cruiser, I have 10M and i am the most powerful ship out there next to the Voinian Dreadnought which i intend to capture no matter how long it takes. Does anyone remember anything about this mission. It has been so long since I have played this game that i cant remember a thing. They say it is around their eastern territory but that is clearly false. I ask not for a direct cheating style answer, but does anyone remember if it actually is in the eastern part of the crescent?

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I think it is two jumps to the right, and two down from where you got the mission.

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Wow, that same mission stumped me the first two times I got it :). Opalius is correct.. you get it from Igadzra, go south to Volosc, southeast to Norhis, east to Karra (I think) and South to Racet, and then it appears shortly if it's not already there. I got the wrong idea when it said it had been harassing their eastern colonies and went up north :).

Just saw the bit about no direct cheating style reply... I hope this qualifies as not one of those :).


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By cheating style you mean no looking in ResEdit?

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That's what I assumed too..