Iggy friends

Anybody like the Igadzras Cuz i I think there acually pretty cool. Good weapons and my favorite ship is the the Igazara. Fine, slow but very powerful.


I like the Azdgari's much better. Ships look way cooler. Plus there better all along.


Hey, if anyone here likes the Igadzra, there's a forum for the Igadzra at:

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I have to say I like the Azdgari Missions best (i know this is about ships but anyway) beacuse they are well cool, raiding from different bases. I never liked the Igradza missions because the message to Mark mission I couldn't do b/c i didn't have enough time to sell my destroyer.

As for ships, I'll keep my Lazira anyday, and then heavily change an Azdgari Cruiser, although I have never tried an Igraza

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I like the Zidagar more.

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Yeah I also found that the last time I did the Igadzra missions - I had just bought a UE destroyer because I thought it must have some use somewhere along the line.. but I was wrong. A 3-day jump ship at that stage is just mean, and I think it would do a lot better if changed to a 2-day.

Anyway, I think the Igazra is a fine ship - have taken over 10 systems with it now :), with I'd say the most room for expansion of any in the game. Unfortunately, the Igadzra don't give the player anything else of use, which does make them less desirable than the others, but playing for them and the Zidagar is a pretty good way to go!

Have always wanted to go around in an Azdgari warship because of the looks, but both the comps I've played the game on crash when you try to take a captured ship as your own, so that's still to be experienced.. they do make pretty good escorts though, and I'd rather leave the whole fighter bay business to captured escorts, as they can concentrate on so many things at once, and of course, never run out of fighters. That's another advantage with the Igazra.. no forced fighter bay like the Zidagar one, and no ridiculously heavy one like the Azdara bay, but heaps of room for a crescent one, or even an azdara one if you go with those two sides.


I love the Zidgar.They have nice missions medium ships and really flowery-cool speech.

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