outpost rai

so, i've tried starting the mission from south tip station, but every time i try to get to outpost rai to remeet the dude and get started, the mission fails because i can't get there in time. any help?

Get smaller ship, more jumps?

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OK lemme see if i get it: I have a cresent warship (that I captured :)!), but if I sell it and get something lighter I can geto to outpost rai faster?


Bigger ships tend to take longer in hyperspace jumps. Watch the date as you enter a system - the crescent warship takes 3 days for each jump, as do the UE destroyer, carrier and cruiser, and the voinian frigate and cruiser. The ones that take one day only include the miranu courier, arada and lazira - you probably wouldn't want to downgrade to anything less powerful than those, and the miranu courier would be the pick of the bunch as it has 15 jumps fuel :).


Ach, yes, thanks a lot, and hello to NZ.


You have to be in something that can go one day per jump. Any slower, like two or three days per jump, and you can't make it.

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