Azdgari Recruitment

Please help! I just finished the mission where you retrieve a Azdgari pilots cargo from his disabled ship with no problem. He said that I should head to the Azdgari pilot training planet, but I forgot where he told me that was. I really want to join the Azdgari, so someone please help.


Can't remember the system off the top of my head, but I know it's in the North Tip somewhere, near The Rock.

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can you tell me what ship you used to complete the cargo portion of the mission?


You need to go to Muid in the Muid system, in the northeast of the galaxy. At this stage I wouldn't get an azdara as it says you should - they're too hard to keep alive and you have to change again before long if you do :).


I amde the same mistake and was told it was Muid too

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Go to Muid. Make sure you have a nice combat rating and a good record in the system. Continually land on the planet and check the bar. Eventually you'll get it. The mission is to escort a squadron of Azdaras to Garit.

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