how do i get the Igadzra to like me?

I've been hanging out in Igadzra and Adzgari space and fighting the Adzgari, and the Igadzra still don't like me. Is it possible to join them? and will they let you land if you do join them?

I also have a pretty bad ship, but it works okay for now, what's a good ship that doesn't cost too much (I like flexible ships)?

kill zidagar too.


Get a Cescent warship. They are VERY flexible. Kinda like the EVO version of the EV Kestrel.

Ignore me. I'm just a Stupid Newt

Check the spaceport bars of miranu worlds. the first igadza mission is always found on a miranu planet. Also, don't bother killing Azdari and Zidagar, it won't help you find the igadza missions. I once killed Zidagar and Azdari for weeks and was finally offered a mission for the Zidagar!