EVO Fixer 1.4.1 is released

EVO fixer is a simple plug for EVO that changes some things in EVO that I thought need changing/fixing. It lets you buy a UE Fighter Bay, Zidager Fighter Bay and Zidager expansion thingy as well as letting you keep the UE Cloak when you change ships, it also replaces the EVO menu screen with one that doesn't look so grainy. Finally, I thought it was unjust that Matt changed it so that a turret takes up a turret slot and a gun slot so now a turret just uses up a turret slot. Also ever noticed that in the shipyard pic that the Voinian Cargo ship has two turrets on it but you only get one when you buy it? Well now it has two so it is actually the ship you see in the pic. The armor display is now a seperate plug because I noticed from some posts on the EVO Board that not everyone wanted this feature, especcialy during the mission for the Voinian Dreadnought. I'd like to point out that this plug is not a cheat plug because to gain access to the bays you HAVE to do the appropriate mission e.g. the missions for the Zidager to get access to the Zidager fighter bay. Enjoy.