Another Frozen Heart Question..

Recently I've contracted the plague from a derelict ship on the Frozen Heart Plug-in. I went to yeni-Istanbul and was treated, but I still have the plague. Where should I go to next? (It said there were TWO places I could go, one being Yeni-Istanbul...)

You could always target the plague and destroy it...


You should land on Yeni Istanbul twice, or abort the mission.

Scientists have discovered that the leading cause of death is birth.

Goto missions and hit abort under plague

also get substance E!!!!!! and then goto war with every ship you sEEEE!!!! Then you will feel frEEEE....SUBSTANCE EEEEE!

sorry, im on the substance E ad campiaghn 🆒

Weazle is Fed up with your ShĄt, and he's going to kill YOU!

What the heck does E do anyway? I bought it and I can't do anything with it.

I take it nobody knows?