I killed Cap'n Hector!!!!

Ok, I'm in my cheat ship, attacking the Dreadnought. I see a helian approaching me and I think 'oh gos it's cap'n hector again'. Well, I've had EVO for about 2 years and I haven't registered yet (never will 😄 ) so when Cap'n Hector get close to me, he shoots Needles, Rockets (turret), blazes and phases.

So I'm all 'oh well I'm dead already so I might as well have fun'. I sit on top of the dreadnought (Cap'n Hector is now attacking me) and I drop a crap load of mines on it (I'm in a cheat ship so it doesn't kill me). I see Hector's Helian go spinning off, eject an escape pod, and then explode!

It turns out that while you can't shoot him directly, he CAN get caught in explosions!

Wheeee 🙂 I'm so happy 🙂 ...... 🙂 happy happy... 🙂 🙂 so happy 🙂

I actually killed him! IN YOUR FACE, AMBROSIA!!!!!

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Two years? It only took me a couple of months before I registered. Cap'n Hector never even shot at me.

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Can you kill the EV version? As far as I can tell, the only thing that hurts him is the fusion beam.

You don't blow it up, you just, how shall I put it,
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I've killed him in both version way before you did. That is not something new.


And after you kill him he comes back again to kill you again.


Hector... such a pity... he would make a great UE pilot...

Very funny, now beam down my clothes. These ladies look rest-less..... uh-oh...


Sheeeesh... let the man have his fun. I, for one, had no idea that the Cap'n could be hurt by anything.... there's no need to run out and try to bash him down by saying how you did everything first.... hot-diggity-damn.

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Wow your about the hundrend thousendth person to kill him. you want a cookie or something? you can use fork lift space bombs/mines, killing him is a waste of time. why don't you just register the game, someone put alot of work into it and all they ask is like 20 bucks. if they wanted to they could be really mean and simply place a virus that activates when you haven't registered for so long,and you couldn't do **** about it

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yeah, reg it and then blow him up. Serousily, some named Matt Burch, a team, and a person named gayle put like 2 years into this game just for you to play it. Don't you think you should reg it? I hope someone did put a virsus in it. Heheh 🙂


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Weazle is Fed up with your ShĄt, and he's going to kill YOU!