I downloaded some plug-ins but they're all in .sit format, and don't work. What should I do?


I think you have to unstuff them with stuffit expander. I think...
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.sit is the extension for a StuffIt file. <b>S</b>tuff<b>It</b>. You need StuffIt Expander or StuffIt Deluxe from Aladdin Systems to unstuff this file/folder. Go to (url="http://"http://www.aladdinsys.com")www.aladdinsys.com(/url) and get StuffIt Expander from the downloads section. StuffIt Expander is freeware, so don't worry about that aspect.



Sometimes I use Stuffit expander, and find that I get a .sit file out, but I can't unpack the file any further. Bizarre, huh? Some unpack fine, some don't. I think it might be something to do with downloading the files on a PC to begin with (free internet at work ya see). Or maybe I just need a more up-to-date copy of Expander.

Just wondering... how did you get EV in the first place without Stuffit?

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