In need of a pilot...

Hi folks. I've been playing EV for some time now, and have been thirsting to try out some plug-ins. Unfortunately, for some reason, I can never complete all of the central objectives with the same pilot. I don't know why this happens. Might be bugs, might be incompetence. Point is: Can someone email me a pilot file that (who?) has completed the UE central objective and related missions (Anna, Paaren, Dreadnought)? At the moment I can't get the final Paaren Station mission back (I blew it) and I'm sick of flying around like a dumb-ass waiting for the mission to pop back up.

You can email me the pilot at:

And post a reply to this message if you send it so I don't get 3000 of them.

Many thanks!



Virus check the pilot files frirst - you may be stuck down by a virus.

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