I recently bought an Arada. I checked how many turrets it was allowed, and it said two. So how is it that when I tried to buy a couple of phaze turrets it says 'Can't have any of these!'? And while we are about it, what is a 'Tail Defender'?


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In 1.02, you can't have guns and turrets, it's one or the other ( a vast inprovement IMO).

As for the tail defender, I assume you mean the Rear Firing Phase Cannon, it's just a phase cannon that fires behind you.

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The arada says:

guns: 4 max
turrets: 2 max

well, this means, you can have 4 guns OR 2 turrets & 2 guns. So, I'm guessing that the arada came with 4 guns to start, meaning you wouldn't be able to buy any turrets. Sell off some of those crappy guns... or, better yet..... get an Igadzra 😄

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Or a UE Cruiser...

Let's take my ship for example.. It says it can have 5 turrents OR.. OR.. that's the important part.. They never said it could have 2 turrents AND 4 cannons.. It said it can have 2 turrents OR 4 cannons, or a mix of the two..

Hope that clears it up... 😄

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A gun takes up 1 Gun Slot. A turret takes up 1 Turret Slot AND 1 Gun Slot. That's how it is in v1.0.2. In previous versions, turrets only takes up Turret Slots.

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