Plug-in corruption

I was wondering if it's possible for constant use and change of plug-ins to corrupt the fundamental programming of the game. I've been using many different plug-ins for a couple of years and every once in awhile I like to take them all out and playt he straight EVO missions again. I've noticed things getting kind of screwy. For instance, as I play a pilot longer he is able to jump closer and closer to the system center until all I have to do is leave a planet and jump without flying anywhere. Also I am now able to get more than one of the engine upgrades without any kind of a cheat plug. My phase turrets are also extremely powerful now. Any comments or suggestions.


Stop using plugins?

"Are you sure this is a good idea, Boss?"
"Of course not, don't ask stupid questions"

-- Loiosh & Vlad --

Then the game gets boring Flatulence. I've owned it for quite awhile and I've done everything conceivable without plug-ins. There's only so much pointless conquering and pointless killing of the Disco Bison et. al. that you can do. Once you've done every mission there's nothing left. I payed $25 for the game becuase of the expansiveness. I knew I would finish up the original missions in no time. Any other suggestions which might be helpful?


Wait for EV3.

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