Help about Femme Fatale!!

I really enjoy playing EVO with this plug but now I'm really stuck. I got the mission to locate three super freighters and found the first two. Well the third one didn't have any description of where to look for it. After finding the first two I got the mission to go to Rigel and get some info. I don't know maybe i've missed some info they gave me, but I remember that the last thing my contact said was: We'll be in touch or something like that.

I really NEED to know where should I go to get some further missions!!


Yeah, I'm at this part too! I have found two of them tankers, but I can't find the third one. I have heard something about "RESCUE!" and them being close to it. Is there a homeworld for "RESCUE!"?

This is kinda getting annoying, I'm tired of flying all around the galaxy and finding nothing.

I think the RESCUE! is about the second freighter, but I'm not sure.

Well, I am now hearing that the third ship is on the planet next to Minkar Orbiter, but you need to talk to someone to reveal it (location on planet).

This is all confusing me...

I'm still waiting for that person back on the planet on Rigel to get a hold of me. Does she ever get back in touch with you?


Tesken Alpha*???


ummm, no... thats where the first one is, the second is on the system below alba, and the third... i dunno...

COME ON, someone has to know where it is, or what Ihave to do to find it......

Hey yall i know this on listen up aight?

you need to take a mission about that famouse piece of art being stolen were the guys are argueing in the bar. when you complete this mission you will end up landing on rigel whatever and the the lady will return with your info saying the next freighter is in minkar system. that is all i will give yall 🙂

Weazle is Fed up with your ShĄt, and he's going to kill YOU!

P.S did yall complete tha murda mystery on Home? that might need to be completed also to unlock it. but i don't think that one matters....

Weazle is Fed up with your ShĄt, and he's going to kill YOU!

Yeah, that seems like it should work. THIS IS MY SITUATION, I, for some weird reason, was not welcome at Dark Station to finish the Murder Investigation, so I could not finish that. I did however, get the mission with the art, and also where I meet that woman in the Rigel System. She told me she would contact me whenever giving me info about the location of the third tanker. While waiting for that, I finally got into Dark Staion and finished the Murder Investigation for Home, SO thats done, but still no word from the woman from Rigel.

Did I mess up on the order of doing this, or does everyone wait at least 4 full years until the are re-contacted by that woman? Should I just re-start the game? I don't really want to do that, but if I have to....

Uggg, thanks, I know where the location is, its just the matter of it being revealed..


Beat the art mission and your set! thats all you gotta do is beat art mission.. otherwise something went wrong :frown:

Weazle is Fed up with your ShĄt, and he's going to kill YOU!

I beat that... and I'm sad to say I have forgotten... it is in the Minkar area on a secret location on planet Minkar... How to get there? Something with minkar orbiter... That's what I forgot...

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