Questions and...well, more questions

Hi all
I've been away from the EVO community for ages and ages, and I was wondering about a few things:
1. Have there been any good plug-ins released over about the last 6 months?
2. Can't remember what 2 was going to be. I'll come back to it if I remember.
3. I'm on the beta list for Nova, and I sent them an e-mail a coupl eof months back when my e-mail address changed. However, since then I haven't got anything from them. Is it just me or have the other beta testers not got anything either?

Thanks for answering my questions. Not that you've actually answered them yet, but if you do answer them (and I hope that you will), then thanks. Otherwise, not thanks. Yeah. I'm gonna stop typing now.

Peter Shepherdson


for number one, get EVO Magma. It just changes the graphics, but it's AWSOME!!