anime syndome plug-in

I downloaded the Anime Syndome Plug-in for my game and when I opened it my
Game unexpectidly quit on me and all the coulours on my screen went purple?!?

Can anyone help?


Increase the ****ing memory.

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Originally posted by Troopa:
**Increase the ****ing memory.

You're ƒucking stupid!!! The Anime-Syndome plug for EVO was updated using EVOlution, which ****s up all plugs. The maker should be notified about it. It don't work cause it just doesn't. Don't open it either. Looking at the picts will crash your computer. I've had bad experiences with these EVOlutioned plugs, such as Raven for EVO and a few others. Just another to add to the list.


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Thanks for the help. So do you think I should delete it or keep it on.


Kick it in it's Vionion luvin behind and delete that bastard!!!

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