A plugin idea

well i posted this yesterday on the "Developers Corner" board, and i thought i'd just post it here as well... here it is (a "little" revised)


well i was just doing the Emalgha missions and i was thinking that they needed more ships, even though thier ships kinda suck, i think they look cool. they're weapons aren't very good, but if you know how to use 'em than it greatly reduces the time of killing a vonian... anyways i was thinking maybe it would be cool to have they're mission string GREATLY expanded, aswell as adding new weapons, ships, upgrades, etc. and maybe even the Emalgha/UE taking over a few vonians systems. if you like the idea, have suggestions, etc than reply. if you might be interested in helping me develop it than e-mail me at (url="http://"mailto:harding2@home.com")mailto:harding2@home.com(/url)harding2@home.com

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i think it is a good idea. One thing you could do is have the Emaghla capture some Voinion ships and convert them to thier use.

It's a nice idea. I don't have time to really devote to something like that right now (I'm busy teaching myself 3D modelling for a project with a friend ATM), but I can give you the Railgun plug I wrote for myself as a Voinian killer. The gun itself isn't devastating, especially against sheilds, but it's effective against armour and more accurate than the Emalgha weapons. Drop me a line if you're interested at rcourt01@bcuc.ac.uk.

Ideas-wise, the Emalgha now have diplomatic links with the UE, and through them with the Miranu. They're unlikely to be able to afford Miranu equipment though, or even UE stuff at current prices, so how about a set of missions between Emalghia, Earth and Paaren Station to negotiate for a cheaper, export version of the UE fighter? Have missions like "Take Emalgha representative to Outpost Theta to observe UE fighters in action", or "Take Emalgha ambassador to Hinwar" to negotiate for ex-Voinian vessels. Then the next time you enter Emalgha it's full of Voinian Frigates launching UE Export Fighters and firing railguns 😉


Perhaps the Emalgha could exploit the opportunities presented by newly available real-estate, once the nebula penetration device has been used in their neighbourhood. They would probably be very happy to set up a processing plant on a metal-rich planet, or even in a metal-rich asteroid field.

They would need a plentiful source of fuel, the design and testing of a new ore-hauler starship with enough range to get to and from the new place, and they would probably have to drive off a renegade incursion.

Despite my chosen name, I like the Emalgha a lot. I'd love to see them playing a bigger part in galactic affairs, courtesy of a good plugin. Anyone else interested?

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