What do you want in a plugin

I'm makeing a plug-in i want to know what people want in it so it will be good


I've always been a fan of Trek-like "phaser" style weapons. Weapons that automatically track the target, like the tractor beam does, except with some destructive power.

The whole "super ship" and "ultimate weapon" thing is overdone (although I have to admit I like the "Galaxy Class" plug-in very much). Any fool can max out the numbers and make a world-crushing warship. Go for creativity and attention to detail.

If you're going to include new missions or plot elements, I would strongly recommend having someone proofread the text, just to be on the safe side. No matter how much effort somebody puts into a plug-in, it always looks sloppy and careless if their spelling, grammar, and punctuation are at a fourth-grade level.

There's my two cents. Sorry you asked? 🙂

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Here are some things I like in plug-ins:

1. Nice graphics: Although its not a must, good graphics are nice.

2. No sloppyness: A sloppy plug-in won't do well, make sure to do everything nicely

3. No missing graphics: A plug with missing graphics really stinks, it makes the game a whole lot more unenjoyable if some PICTs are missing.

4. No Grammar Mistakes: Like RedShift9 said, bad grammar makes a plug look sloppy.

Well, those are just a few things I could think of right now. Hope your plug turns out nice!


Good graphics! Bad graphics ruin a plug-in.

And don't make all of the ships super death stars or anything.

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Make the ships comparable to ships already existing in EVO. That is, if its total conversion, keep some great ships, like the Arada, only with a different name. If its not total conversion, make it so the best ship in your plug is as good as the UE Cruiser, Voinian Cruiser, or Igazra.

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1. Plot.
2. Missions.
3. Make one and two a coherent whole.

The rest (pretty pictures etc) is nice and can seperate a bad plug from a good one but don't get too hung up on it. Eye candy is great, but substance is all. Both (+), is of course preferred, but 4. don't overstep yourself.

Good luck, and I look forward to it.

PS Good grammar etc goes without saying, hey, we've got to understand it 🙂

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go off on your own ideas.... ive had enough of this starwars startreck BS.... come up with your own oringinal ideas kinda like the dude who made frozen heart, he has really done a great job with goin on his own ideas to creat a much better universe and game play over all. and awsome story line ships graphics pics sounds ect....

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Well, for one thing I'm a sucker for eye candy. But more importantly, make it diverse. I don't mean max out the number of ships and systems neccesarily, but be creative. Make something that's never been done before, and integrate it. The wackier and more far out it is (unless it's unbeatable), the better. Maybe an alien species can't see and consequently makes a bunch of rainbow-colored ships. Maybe the scenario starts with you being in a ship that has no fuel in it. Maybe a government finds a way to fire asteroids as a cheap alternative to other projectiles. The sky's the limit (although the game engine always seems to get in the way first :frown:.

My 2 cents, pence, rubles, yen, pieces-o-eight, pounds of salt, etc.


Stay true to the original. I never really use plug-ins, probably for the same reason I can get into fan fiction novels based on movies. I don't accept stuff unless it's official. If a plug carries on a hanging thread that was placed into Override and doesn't go overboard with it, that's good. I'm trying out the Rain of Voinians plug because I have never sided with the Voins before and would like a near completion of the story. (1 thing that bugs me about it is the fact that it makes the Voinian ships stronger——anyone who has used it know why?).


PS - 1 more thing: what are some other plugs that pick up loose threads in Override?

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