Frozen Heart Document Codes

What are the codes to the Frozen Heart documents? I had them at one time, but I've lost 'em now.

(BTW: I HAVE beaten Frozen Heart on the mission where you have to kill a black hole with a tachyon fighter)

"Let's do this!"
Titan A.E.

kill a black hole.... lol, doesent make sense, its like...... wierd. lol.

your freindly drug addict

How to kill a black hole:

1. Take some fat guy that laughs at everything (see old topic "Annoying)

2. Stick him in the center of the black whole

3. Watch as the fat guy clogs up the black hole, and causes the hole to implode on its own gravitational feild.

I'm insane, so don't touch me...

Ah, black holes are susceptible to cholesterol poisoning? I never knew that. Excellent. I expect there's a page devoted to the subject at the Food Velocity website.