How do I make a plugin



Well, I started off making plug-ins with EV Edit. It's easy to use uintil you get into programming, but it is full of bugs. I think there's a link at the EV Classic site.

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**How do I make a plugin

With great difficulty.

First step is to get the EV/EVO Bible and learn about the different resources that make up a plug-in. Also get a copy of ResEdit and start learning how to use it (there is a good how-to in the 'guides' section of the archives: 'The ResEdit Beginners' Guide'. There are some other things you will need, including a 3-D modeling program if you want to make your own graphics, but those are the basics.

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Make sure you get the newest version of EV-Edit at: (url="http://"")

Just remember if you make a plug you should always binhex it or whatever it helps keep it intact when posted on the web!!!!!!!!

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