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:frown: PLEASE HELP ME :frown:
I am a UE fighter with a SAD launcher, 4 Cannons of some sort, some various utilities like Fuel Scoops, and 1.20M credits or so. I don’t have very much weapon space (to be specific, 4 tons), and I just accepted the 2nd UE Dreadnought mission, in which I have to destroy the Vonian Dreadnought. Even with the help of 4 UE Destroyers, I have failed each time. :mad: So I headed to some Miranu planets in hope I could get some missions to pay for a good ship (are there more Miranu missions than the ‘trading with Earth’ one? If there are, I should be able to get them, because I have combat rating Ultimate, and the “Decent Individual” status with the Miranu). There were no missions waiting for me. So, I thought, maybe I can beat the Dreadnought with a well-armed Arada, since the description said it could be used as a heavy fighter. With the credits I had, I bought one, but before doing so, made a backup pilot file of the UE fighter.
So, I armed myself with a SAD launcher and various other gadgets. I found that 80 tons of weapons space went away faster that I thought it would. I tried again and again to beat the Dreadnought mission, but I could not. :eek:
Finally, my question is: “How can I get lots of money so I can buy a Crescent Warship or a UE Carrier to finally beat the Dreadnought mission quickly?” I’m not the kind of person who likes to do rush missions from the mission computer for money. I am a Decent Individual with the Emalpha, a Criminal with the Vonians, and a Good Egg/Upstanding Citizen with the UE. Are there any series of missions that give you a lot of money quickly?? While you’re at it, what are some good strategies for beating the Dreadnought, and what ship is best to do it in? No plug-ins or cheats please. Help me!!!

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Ah, the question that never dies: How do I defeat the Voinian Dreadnought?

Let me try to give you a hand. Forget the UE fighter file, as it is damn hard to beat the Dreadnought with anything such as that. I've played EVO since it first came out, and I can't do it.

The Dreadnought is damn powerful. It has 3 times the armor the Voinian Cruiser has. I've killed it with an Arada though (yes, really). What I did was buy an Arada and purchase mass expansions so get myself a bit of extra weapon space. I armed myself with pursuit missiles. For the Dreadnought, pursuit missiles are better because (1) they track better (2) they do more damage against armor than SAD's do. You should be able to load at least 40-50 missiles on there if you fit no more than 2 launchers on there. When you attack the Dreadnought fire your missiles they same time the UE ships attack, that way you'll distract it between you and the UE ships.

If you want some extra help; do the Paaren Station missions if you haven't already. Near the end, when you transport the defector to Paaren station and get the escort, DON'T take the defector to Paaren Station, go to Vorik and attack the Dreadnought. Not only will the 4 UE ships from the Dreadnought mission be there, but your militiary escort will be there as well; meaning you have twice the force on your side. That's quite a help.

As for missions & cash, that depends on what you have and haven't done so far. Maybe if you specified what you've done already.....have you established relations with the miranu yet? If you have, go to Outpost Zachit and check the bar until you get a mission to join the Zacha. The Zachit can give you well-paying missions once you're an official member.



The UE Fighter can defeat the Dreadnought...or I have with it. Don't use SAD's to fight Voinians, instead, stick with Rockets. They do much more damage on Armor than the SADs do. Most Crescent weapons do crap to armor, so I'd say stick with Blaze cannons unless you can get Neutron cannons from the Parren Station missions. A medium sized ship like the Lazira should be more than enough to defeat the dreadnought. Use your skills and pick off the fighters first. Leave them floating, disabled if you can, then unload rocktes on Dreadnought. Go to fighters, board and steal rockets and unload on Dreadnought again. This is a simple begginners strategy that works ok. Have a fast ship... and no, the UE Carrier cannot defeat the Dreadnought. The UE carrier is probably the weakest warship in the game, next to Turncoat. Well, you can try the Crescent Warship, but not with its stock weaponry. To make money, fast, disable and steal from Renegades. They carry more money than other ships. while doing that, you can also trade and stuff...the usual. well, have fun.


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Have you ever heard of the "Monty Python"? Try this, if you don't know what it is. Circle the dreadnought until it runs out of rockets. Then, using phase or neutron cannons, match the dreadnought's speed, but stay as far away from it as you can, while still hitting with your weapons. The secret is, the dreadnought won't fire back. Do this until its dead.

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Originally posted by Eldar:
I am a UE fighter with a SAD launcher

Lose the SADs. This is an inappropriate weapon for the job at hand (killing
Voinians), ESPECIALLY since you don't have enough tonnage to carry a lot of
them. Use conventional UE/Voinian rockets (not dispersal!) rockets instead.
That way, after you run out of ammo, you can reload by plundering disabled
Voinian fighters and intercepters.

Tip: After plundering an intercepter launched by the dreadnaught, leave it
intact, and lead the dreadnaught to it. The dreadnaught will rescue it,
refill it with rockets for you (how thoughtful!) and relaunch it in your
direction. Free rocket refills!

Also, UE Fighter is capable of doing the job, but it's not a good choice.
UE Fighter is the sort of ship you would use after you're very experienced
at the game and have killed the dreadnaught with many pilots, and just want
to show off. 🙂 You were on the right track when you went to Arada.

But first priority: lose the SADs!