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Post here if you've beaten all 3 Central Objectives. Also, if you want to, post the date (in the game) you completed the last central mission, and see how fast you did it.


Strand War-Complete

Emalghi/Hinwar/Human vs Voinian-complete

Date-March 22, 2159

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Nebulas: done
Igadzra: done
Zidagar: done
Adzgari: done
UE/Hinwar: done
Voinians: done
North Tip Renegades: done
Captains of Freeport: done
Zachit: done
Kirrim Prime Skiing: done
New Calcutta: done
Free Huron: done
Dreadnought: done
Voinian Defector: done

When: A couple years ago.

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In this world, a second is a second is a second.

Time moves forward with unwavering regularity.

Time is an infinite ruler.

Time is absolute.

I beat the UE cetral objective, the nebula central objective, and the Zachit and Zidagar cetral objectives, the skiing missions, the UE pirates,and the North Tip pirates. I don't remember the date.

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Does anyone know how to start the emalgha/ue missions? I've done the dreadnought and ue cruiser missions and all that for the ue, and i remember doing some small stuff for the emalgha, but i know there are still more missions to do with both of them. Also I am in bad standing with Sol because i dominated some ue systems, and I dominated all the emalgha planets. That might be the problem, but can anyone tell me where to start those missions?

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...ive done the UE/voinian missions, lets see, atleast 20 times...thats about it :eek:


I have done all of those so many times, I can't count them (yes, I am serious)


Those of you who haven't beaten the central objectives with one pilot: !!DON'T POST LOSER!! If you have, say so, not, "I've beaten them all, so many times, that I forgot which ones I beat".

"Not an Electric Sausage"- Marvin

"Happiness is a warm gun"-John Lennon

I am a proud member of Dogbert's New Ruling Class

I beat the central objectives with one pilot a couple of years ago, shortly after EVO's release. Better?

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With my faithful pilot Pike (before web boards):

Igadzra: working on

UE/Emalghia/Hinwar: haven't started

NPD: working on

Ship: Crescent Warship (no escorts)

Conquered systems: none

With my new found friend Ripper (after webboards):

Azdagari: done

UE/Emalghia/Hinwar: done

NPD: done

ship: UE Cruiser w/ 2 Zidaras, 2 Igazras, 1 Azdagari Warship, 1 Crescent Warship

Conquered systems: Riomor, Yelts, Saffera III, and about 4 other zidi systems (I forgot their names :redface:)

All my other pilots are just in shuttles and haven't done anything except for Jacks which is a developing renegade 😄 who still resides in a shuttle :frown:.

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Done em. But i dont remember the dates.

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