Igadzra missions...

With another pilot I have started the Iggie missions. However, I have got this one mission where I have to fend off azdi raiders from Station Raelion. But for some reason it doesn't work when I do it. I destroy the raiders and return to Igadzra (like the mission says) and find nothing. The mission arrow is still on the map and the mission info still shows up. What am I doing wrong?

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That happens to me a good deal as well. It just happened yesterday to me. Apparently the Adzgari Raiders that must be utterly decimated aren't always the right ones. There should be (from my experience) a couple Adzgari Warships with full Azdara complements and at least two or three Adzgari Aradas.

If the Raiders are too easy, they probably aren't the right ones. Just keep landing on the station and taking off until you get the right ones. There will be lots of them.

yeah, and it will say on the target screen: Adzgari raiders

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