big battle slowdowns

Ever since upgrading to EVO 1.0.2, we've noticed a significant slowdown in the game action whenever there are more than a couple of ships engaged in battle. The graphics stutter along like cheap cartoon animation, and the ships & weapons fire all start crawling along at a snail's pace. The more ships, the worse it gets.

I've tried increasing memory allotment to 36 MB, and that didn't seem to help.

I've got a 9500/120 (604 chip) with 80MB of RAM and 2MB of VRAM. Sounds slow, but we never had problems with the earlier version of EVO or the original EV.

Any suggestions?




You might try the 'disable smoke trails' plugin. That'll make things move along at a much faster clip. Are you particularly noticing slowdowns when fighting with rocket lobbers such as Voinians or UE forces? If so, consider switching them off.

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