Simple question about the Igadzra

I can't believe I don't know it, and I can't find the answer.

Um... It seems that I don't know the range of an Igadzra Igazra. (the big yellow ships that are really powerfull) What is their range without refueling. How many jumps can they complete?

Thanks for your time,

Zaphod Beeblebrox


It's worth it.

15 sauts, je crois.
15 jumps, I think

Stupid, stupid voinian creatures.

Its 10 jumps not 15


You're both wrong. It's 8.

I checked the data file.
Fuel : 800 -which = 8

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10?! 15?!?!?! 8?!?! Well, eight is right. I can understand somebody thinking ten because they probably have two extra fuel tanks (if you don't, get them).

Go Mikee, eight is enough.

Oui, je suis désolé, j'ai confondu avec le courier Miranu. Je mélange plein de choses, ces derniers temps :redface:
Yeah, I'm sorry, I messed up with the Miranu Courier. I'm messing lots of things up, these days. :redface:.

Stupid, stupid voinian creatures.

This should clear things up. (url="http://"")http://www.geocities...Other/fuel.html(/url) Or just use the link from (url="http://"")