Newbie asks, Now what?

I'm fairly new to EVO. Man, I'm just not getting anywhere.
I can't seem to complete the following missions:

Explore Proxima Nebula (I thought I did. What's there to see? Nothing.)
Defend Emalghia (Voinians crush me)
Attack Renegade Base (Massive army of renegades crush me)
Capture Renegade Leader (Ditto)

Here's my current status. Feel free to offer an opinion on what I have,
what I shouldn't have, or what I need to get to finish these and other missions.

Combat rating: Ultimate
Legal status: Role model in some systems
Ship: Arada
Credits: About 3.5M

1 Hunter missile launcher
7 Hunter missiles
1 Needle jammer
1 Nebula penetration device
2 External fuel tanks
1 IFF Decoder
1 Afterburner
1 Sensor upgrade
4 Phase cannons
1 Fuel scoop
4 Shield enhancers
1 Mass expansion
1 ECM system

An Arada?

When I got the explore the nebula missions, I always have an UE cruiser or at least a Cresent warship. That seems to kick most renagade/Voinan ass.

If not, use escorts to help you.

Yours truly,

Pour attaquer les Voinians, le "phase cannon" ne vaut rien. Il vaut mieux un canon ŕ neutron (acheté ŕ la station orbitale de Paaren) ou des canons Emalgha. Et pour attaquer la Nouvelle Alcatraz, il faut un vaisseau avec plus de boucliers et d'armure que l'Arada, comme le croiseur UE ou le cuirassé du Croissant (libres traductions).

To attack the Voinians, the phase cannons suck. Better get neutron canons (bought on Paaren station) or, at least, Emalgha cannons. As for the attack on New Alcatraz, you'll need a ship with more armor and shields thant the Arada, something like the UE cruiser or the Crescent Warship.

Stupid, stupid voinian creatures.

Well, the Crescent Warship is 9M credits. Where can I get a UE cruiser? I don't recall
seeing one.

Ben, désolé, mais, en fait, il faut attraper le vaisseau rénégat pour pouvoir acheter le Croiseur UE. :redface:

As-tu fait des missions pour les strands ? Celles des Igadzra commence sur Kitrak, et, ŕ un moment, tu peux acheter leur teub volante, qui est presque aussi bonne que le croiseur UE 🆒 (et qui vaut 15 millions, mais bon, ça fait peut-ętre beaucoup, mais ça les vaut). Avant ça, une fois que tu as leur siphon ŕ plasma, balance toute tes armes secondaires, et achčte toi des mises ŕ jour du moteur et de l'accélération, comme ça tu pourras te faire les kraits

Oooops, sorry, but, in fact, you've got to catch up the renegade vessel to be able to buy the UE cruiser. :redface:

Did you do any strand mission ? The Igadzra starts at Kitrak and at one point you can buy their Flying P which kicks ass nearly as much as the UE Cruiser 🆒 (and is worth only 15 million credits, well, that may be a lot, but it's worth it). Before that, once you have their plasma siphon, dump all your other secondary weapons and buy a thrust and an engine upgrades, you should be able to fight the kraits

Stupid, stupid voinian creatures.

I'm going to need more muscle to fight Voinians and Renegades. Escorts suck.
I used 5 Helians to try to capture the renegade captain on Yelts. Still can't do it.
Tried bribing everyone in sight. Nope. The renegade forces come back three seconds
later while I'm trying to disable the captain's ship. I have not seen anyplace where I
can purchase neutron cannons or UE cruisers. Crescent ship? Too expensive. Must be
something affordable that's a step up from my Arada. Open to suggestions...


I have an Arada and I don't think I'll ever trade it in. I love it! But then again, I'm a peaceful trader-type (but very cool) 🆒 😉

My suggestion is to get better outfits for your Arada if you can't afford a tougher ship. Do you have ECM? What about a pursuit missile launcher and Emalghian cannons? What is it that works well against armor--blaze cannons?


I would sugest going up to a Lazira. They are fast, menuverable, and can carry a decent amount of firepower. (I beat the Dredknought in one. I know, big acomplishment :rolleyes: )

BTW, Hunter Missiles don't do much against shields. Get some SADs if you want to take down humans or cresent aliens.

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I complete all four of the missions I listed, plus one central objective, all with my Arada.

Well, I also had help from escorts...


Temps d'apprendre le Monty Python, je pense.
Time to learn the Monty Python, then, I think.

Stupid, stupid voinian creatures.

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I recommend trading in the hunter missiles for plain old unguided rockets.
The reason for this is that you'll be able to reload off by boarding disabled
Voinian fighters and intercepters.

You mention that the Voinians are crushing you. In something as fast and
maneuverable as an Arada, that should not be happening. You're not getting
into toe-to-toe slugging matches, are you? If that's your style, then the
Arada is the wrong ship for you; get a big one. If you like small ships like
the Arada (I do too), then work on your dodging. The Voinians shouldn't be
able to hit you much.

Also, when fighting Voinians, you might want to lose the phase cannons and
use blaze cannons instead. (Well, blaze cannons if you keep the Arada. Try
Emalghian or Neutrino cannons/turrets if you switch to big ship.)

Proxima nebula: try landing on some of the new planets that you find.

Renegades: When fighting these, you might get more bang-per-ton by using
dispersal rockets instead of conventional rockets/hunters. There's no
perfect outfit mix; don't be afraid to refit your ship as you work in different
parts of the galaxy.

All I can say, me being a big ship power-hugger type, is never give up!! And yes, YOU HAVE TO LEARN THE MONTY PYTHON TECHNIQUE!!!! It is invalueble for those frickin cruisers of all sorts!! If you don't know it, look it up or ask someone here, you'd have to beat me in a match to get me to talk.. 😛

Very funny, now beam down my clothes. These ladies look rest-less..... uh-oh...

Someone advised me to dump my phase cannons for Emalghia cannons. I did...and they suck. Where can I get neutron cannons? I'm tempted to back to my phase cannons. I'm not ready to trade in my Arada for a Lazira yet. I like the speed of the Arada. But it really can't take much of a beating.

I also dumped my Hunter missiles for Pursuit missiles. I'm not sure yet if that was a good trade.

Thanks the advice. I used escorts to defeat the hordes of Voinians and Renegades. The nebula mission required a sensor upgrade. So I finished with the Proxima Nebula, then explored the JI nebula. I have completed one central objective.

The Monty Python technique. mean RUN AWAY, RUN AWAY. Jeez, I'm too old for this.

I run when I again, mainly to string out the Kraits and knock them off one at a time. I also started bribing ships. Didn't want to, but it worked.


Hey Emalgha cannons do suck against everything but Voinian ships. If you penetrate the shields (easy) then you can destroy the ship faster than with blaze or phase cannons.

You can only get neutron cannons by siding with the Voinians or saving the Voinian defector.. all in the Paaren Station missions.

Paaren Station missions? I rescued the Voinian defector I think. I just thought it was the initiation mission for the UE military. Where is the second mission found?


Continue hanging out at the station, Earth, and the moon. The Voinian defector is key - once the station is completed, handy things become available. You'll dig it.

They'll give anyone a website these days... here's mine.

Yup, Paaran Station is an excellent place to get Vionion technology. Not only can you get their turrents, but you can also get their armor as well... By the way, I hear there are two types of Vionion armor.....

Very funny, now beam down my clothes. These ladies look rest-less..... uh-oh...

2 types of armor...Dospect Armor and Bronev Plating. Cool, eh?

Zidaras are the best...Good speed, agility, and not to mention it packs power.
If you don't want to be a Ziggy, then steal a Zidara. Not too hard to do.


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Yeah, You may have to change weapons depending on your enemy. I find that the phase turrets are perfect for bashing fast moving fighters, simply because they can track all those little buggers. The voinian turret does well against both shields and armour, but can't track as well as the phase based weapons can, and the blaze turret can track fast moving targets of both the armour and shield persuasion, but you might as well forget leading a target.
Tough decison.