EVO Voinian Missions

I would like to complete the Voinian side of the missions for EVO. I finished the Earth/Miranu/Zachit ones a way long time ago and I've just gotten back to playing EVO without any special plugin (Frozen Heart and Femme Fatale got boring after one year). Where do I start? Most of the Voinian planets and outposts like me (they really like me!). And how do you get those far off Voinian planets to like you also?


Step one: get a "mostly harmless" combat rating
Step two: go to Pax (station) in the Dogovor system
Step three: go to the bar
Step four: accept the mission a Voinian offers you and you're in

there are also two plugins, Reign of the Voinians, and, Reign of the VoiniansII, that expand the voinian missions, i haven't played RofVII, but i have played RofV, it's ok, but when i went through it, one of the missions screwed up, so i never finished it... i should probably go finish it and play through RofV2, but, 'eh, watch'ya gonna do..


Un conseil, les missions de ROTV sont incluses dans ROTVII, et ça plante beaucoup moins en les jouant directement comme ça. Et il ne faut pas avoir fait de missions militaires pour l'UE pour pouvoir faire celles des Voinians, ni avoir fait de mission pour les Miranu (ŕ part les relations diplomatiques) pour pouvoir faire ROTVII.

Advice : ROTV missions are included in ROTVII, so it crashes lot less when you play them directly this way. And you must not have made any military missions for the UE if you want to be able to do the Voinians one, neither having made any mission for the Miranu (except diplomatic relations) to be able to play ROTVII.

Stupid, stupid voinian creatures.