EVO crashes

I've been getting crashes with EVO 1.0.2, usually after I leave a spaceport bar.
The screen freezes and occasionally I'll have to restart. Got a bus error once.

This is on a 64MB 350 imac, VM on, with 45 MB allotted to the game. I've had
the game a couple weeks and it has happened about 4-5 times. Also happened
with the previous version (which I bought about a week before 1.0.2 came out).

This is probably because your are using Virtual Memory. Am I right in thinking that your iMac has Mac Os ? If it does, it will be using about 35 megs of RAM, causing EV to dip into Virtual memory.

The solution: Lower the memory allotment of EVO. You only need 20 megs at the very most, and 15 megs is propably a more sensible ammount. If the game is too lsow for you, hit the (Caps Lock) key during the game, or increase the game speed in the preferences.

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Too slow? iMac 350... hmmm... EVO cant be too slow on that, I think (never been on my 233, wich by the way can run Terminus on lowest graphical settings. Look like **** though)

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Too slow on a 350? I think not. Like AdmBlastaway here, I have a 233, and the only time it slows down even the tiniest bit is when 2-3 UE carriers, and accompanying fighters are blasting away at a bunch of Voinans. And then it only slows down if I venture close enough to see the entire fight. I assume it is from all the blaze cannon shots, which are numerous.

the Necromicon: I would assume he does have Mac OS, since EVO won't run on anything else. 😉 However, why would using virtual memory cause EVO to crash? I ran EVO back when my G3 had 32MB of RAM, and never had a problem there, and I practically had to use VM then.

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